Who is Geoff Bailey?

I am Geoff Bailey. When I began this blog I was the First Vice President of Sales for Massey Knakal Realty Services covering Newark and Eastern Essex County.  I have since take a position on Vice President of Retail Services for TerraCRG a Brooklyn based Commercial Real Estate firm.


Although I am back working in Brooklyn again I value the time and relationships I developed in Newark and hope that I am able to continue to do business with many of these people.

I can be reached at 718 395 1878.

New Jersey Roots

I am a NJ Native, raised in Monmouth County and a graduate of C.B.A. in Lincroft. I spend my summers on the beaches in Sea Bright and along the rail at Monmouth Park.

My family has been involved in the New Jersey thoroughbred industry for since the late 1960’s. We operate a thoroughbred training center in Colts Neck. I am a life long Jets and Yankee fan and of course am a booster of C.B.A. athletics.

I held many jobs through high school, college and beyond that gave me a unique perspective on NJ. I worked on the farm on and off from the age of 13 through my college years bailing straw, repairing tractors and walking hots around the shed-row at Monmouth Park. I worked for New Jersey Natural Resources, from age 17 to 18, surveying and redrawing gas line maps for service upgrades throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
For two summers in college I worked as a junior teamster delivering Coors Light from Atlantic City to Allamuchy. I finished my college summers commuting to the floor of the New York Stock exchange where I realized that the only difference between the floor brokers and beer delivery drivers was a suit and tie and paycheck. After college I took a job with Talco Business Systems in Long Branch where I worked with retailers & restaurateurs throughout the state implementing business management systems throughout NJ and beyond.

It is through these varied experiences with a wide variety of people, that I developed an appreciation for the state and people of New Jersey.

Professional Background
In 1999 I moved to NYC to join an internet startup which led me to found a consultancy with two partners where we worked with top Fortune 500 firms, including IBM, Cisco Systems, and Philips Electronics, developing technologies and strategies to improve corporate marketing capabilities. After 5 year of unimagined successes, my eye turned to commercial real estate and I discovered Massey Knakal.

I began working with Massey Knakal in 2006 covering the South Eastern Brooklyn neighborhoods of Canarsie, Starrett City, Mill Basin and East New York, always with an eye to my home state. In NJ I saw a fertile ground to deploy the Territory System and professional approach to commercial real estate sales that has made Massey Knakal the overwhelming leader in New York City.

In late 2007 I began analyzing the NJ market in anticipation of the firm’s expansion. In 2008, amid a deteriorating market, Massey Knakal made the expansion effort official and formed a team to create a firm strategy. I along with a few other top performers took the NJ expansion by the horns and developed a strategy that was officially implemented in January 2009 with the opening of the Massey Knakal New Jersey office.

I always believed Newark and Essex County held the greatest potential and my analysis confirmed that this was the place to be. The great geographic potential, the existing infrastructure, the glorious past, the years of neglect and decline, and the new administration were all serious factors that gave me confidence in my decision.

First Vice President of Sales, Newark & Eastern Essex County
As First Vice President of Sales for Newark & Eastern Essex County, I focus specifically on the commercial real estate market of Newark, East Orange and Irvington. I maintain a complete database of transactions with research on buyers, sellers, details of the transaction and features of the properties transacted. I have researched all of the owners of commercial properties through municipal tax records building the most thorough database of Essex County owners in existence.

I interact with owners and investors on a daily basis through extensive mailings, hundreds of weekly phone calls, face to face meetings and electronically through this blog and professional social networking on Linked In and of course e-mail.

One way I service owners is by openly sharing market information.   I do that through my usual channels of communication as well as by providing complimentary Opinions of Value.  I target 200 opinions of value per year.  By doing so I am increasing my understanding of the market, making owners in my territory more aware of the true value of their properties, and most importantly building a long term relationship with these owners.

The purpose of this blog is to share  information and further my knowledge about the region and to establish a network of stakeholders in the region.  I hope people find it informing and a resource for doing business in and around Newark.


4 responses to “Who is Geoff Bailey?

  1. Anonymous


    Please forward me your e-mail address. I seem to have misplaced it and I need to send you a software update.

    Chanta Jackson

  2. annette_b

    I am a (very) recently licensed real estate salesperson and I will be focusing on commercial real estate in Essex County. I stumbled upon your blog and I think it’s great. Just scrolling through the articles helps to generate ideas, and it’s encouraging to see that in spite of the depressed RE market, there is indeed some business getting done. Thank you for this fine (and quite thorough) resource. I look forward to future posts.


  3. trey

    Mr. Bailey, I am glad you are excited by the Alex Brown / Tree Top Development joint venture with regards to Parkwood Place Apartments. If you actually lived here, you would not be.

    I, for one, a tenant here for 12 years, am tired of absentee landlords, who are “in it” for the investment and forget that their investment involves people and not just buildings. I am tired of having to deal with a property manager who has no formal training and who seems to create her own hours and does not maintain the published hours of the office. (Once while trying to pay my rent, I caught her hiding in the office and not answering the buzzer.)

    Because of the lack of formal real estate/property management training, she is in danger of opening the owners up to some serious legal problems. Today (1/19/10) was the third time maintenance tried to gain access to my apartment without notification. (In a written lease, the landlord’s duty to not enter the tenant’s house or apartment is called the covenant of quiet enjoyment. This covenant (promise) means that the tenant has control over who can or cannot come into his or her apartment or house. Cite: Ashley Court Enterprises v. Whittaker, 249 N.J. Super. 552 (App. Div. 1991). ) There was NO emergency and the only notification of the repair (intercom repair) came in December 2009 that indicated we (the tenants) were responsible for calling the office to make an appointment for the intercom tech to replace the intercom. I made no such appointment.

    These property owners may do well with regards to property management elsewhere, but they’re failing miserably here in Newark, in my humble opinion.

  4. I am interested on the 418-422 South Orange Ave building. Any insight you can provide on this would be helpful, thanks

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