What does the Panama Canal have to do with Newark? A Lot.

The Panama Canal expansion is in full swing and scheduled to be completed within the next five years, despite the economic downturn.  

Well great…  and for Newark that mean s what?    It means that the newest breed of Pacific Ocean Cargo ships will be able to pass through the canal and go directly to ports on the eastern seaboard, by passing the need to offload cargo on the West Coast for truck and or train transport across the Great 48.  So it means a lot for Newark.

See this link from the LA Times

Another factor is whether U.S. ports on the Eastern Seaboard make changes to accommodate the biggest ships. Ports including ones in Savannah, Ga.; Charleston, S.C.; and Miami are too shallow, and access to the Newark, N.J., port — the most important in the New York area — is blocked by the Bayonne Bridge.

So in order for newark to take advantage of this expansion of the Panama Canal we need to either replace or expand the Bayonne Bridge.  See this article from the Star Ledger from 2006 – reprinted on a wired NY forum.

So the powers that be are aware of the problem what is being done about it.  I would have thought that a part of Obama’s stimulus plan would include replacing this bridge.  It is obviously infrastructure that is outdated, will create more jobs, and will have a significant impact on Corey Booker’s Newark.

See this article from the Journal of Commerce


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