Fire on Broad Street

Traffic snarled, building damaged all due to a woman scorned… 

Now look at what the building looked like before it caught fire…

Before the fire

Actually a very nice building.  Seems like house and apartment fires in Newark, East Orange and Irvington have become a bit too common as of late.  This fire on West Kinney (i believe it is actually East Kinney) is a shame.  What does it take for someone to seek retribution by setting a fire?

See Starl ledger Article here



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2 responses to “Fire on Broad Street

  1. tommyboy

    In todays times people like her need to be in a home where they have sike doctor to keep these type of people out of danger of themself and’s a same that an good building with history went down in flames because food problem or mind problem.

  2. I am not sure what was going on in her head but either way it is a tragedy for the people living there, the building itself, the owners of the building and the city.

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