Oy Vey! Is Newark the Jerusalem of NJ?

Well maybe not the Jerusalem of NJ but there are some similarities apparently.  Mayor Booker, on his seemingly endless efforts to bring the attention of the world, was in St. Petersburg(Florida not Russia) sharing Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, left, with Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker at the Jewish Funders Network convention in St. Petersburg, says jobs and housing are needed in his city.the stage with Mayor Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem.   Both cities share a history of violence and poverty and have new mayors doing everything they can to bring private money to their cities. Jerusalem is struggling to keep its Jewish population from leaving at ever increasing rates while Newark lost its Jewish population and would love to get it back.  

Again I can’t say enough about what Mayor Booker means to Newark and what he has done.  His passion and dedication are unmatched.  I just hope that his policies stay focused and don’t get diverted by the lure of big government.

See the full article in the St Petersburg Times


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