Newark Updates Zoning Code

About a week or so the Planning Department of the City of Newark released amendments to the zoning ordinance.  I have spent some time reviewing the changes and have to say it is a step in the right direction.  Newark’s zoning ordinance is outdated and confusing.  The city desperately needs a full overhaul.

Toni Griffin and her team are hard at work to get this accomplished.  Their first step is a full updated of the Newark Master Plan, something which hasn’t been done for 10 if not 20 years.  In 2004 there was an update to the land use portion, however not a full re-examination. 

Well I am glad to say that the first re-examination documents have been released and are available on the city’s web site here.  See the links at the bottom, Volume I and Volume II, all of the rest is the cities master plan update from 2004.

Personally I like the pictures in Vol II but need to print out Vol I for a full read.  The information covers a lot and show significant work and progress from Ms. Griffins team.

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