Court to Iron Mountian, “You’re Out!”

While perusing the New Jersey Eminent Domain Law Blog early on this rainy Sunday morning, while my pregnant wife slept, I came across this interesting post.  

Eminent Domain, as many in NJ are all to familiar with,  is the power of the government to condemn private property and take ownership for the purpose of public benefit.  Public benefit used to mean highways, schools, hospitals etc…  However, more recently public benefit has been more broadly defined to include development that will have a positive impact on tax collections.  In Newark it was used for the Pru Center and is being used to assemble land for  a mixed use development adjacent to the arena.  

Iron Mountain has been a tenant in the 350,000 sqft warehouse on McCarter Hwy and Edison St. since 1996.  

Iron Mountain Newark NJ

Their lease plus options could keep them in the building until 2024.  The building Iron Mountain is in is part of a redevelopment zone and a target for eminent domain.  Iron Mountain challenged the right of the government based upon their not being directly notified of the redevelopment.  Essentially the court said no dice, you do not need to be notified.

Iron Mountain – start packing.



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2 responses to “Court to Iron Mountian, “You’re Out!”

  1. Anne Studholme

    Hi! Good find — I also think this is big news. It’s important for this building to get out of litigation one way or another. love the blog. A

    • This is another keystone property that needs to be cleared. I am no big fan of eminent domain and its abuse however there are other areas within Newark where Iron Mountain can find similar space. Of course I would prefer that these arrangements be made through open negotiations however when you give someone a hammer they will use it.

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