NJ Credit Rating to remain unchanged

“Corzine’s $29.8 billion budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1 would cut property-tax rebates and raise levies on the wealthiest residents to help close a $7 billion deficit. The first-term Democrat, who faces re-election in November, also wants state workers to accept wage freezes and unpaid days off.”

Hmmmm…..   Let’s see what has history taught us about trying to get a few to foot the bill for the many?  The rich few move away where they are not taken advantage of.  Why do they move away?  because they can afford to and it’s cheaper.

If Corzine wants to plug the NJ budget perhaps he should consider cutting a bit deeper.  Strongly consider privatizing the NJSEA and NJ Transit as a start.

He may want to take a look at this report which ranks NJ pretty Imageclose to the bottom as far as overall state health goes.  

It is the fool who continues on a failing path.  With Gov. Corzine up for election in November he either needs to change his path or the voters of NJ will change it for him.


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