Izod Center and Prudential Center battle to be the area’s top venue

“More than a year after the Prudential Center opened, the aging state-operated Meadowlands arena it was expected to supplant is still there, and the two are locked in a steel cage death match, battling almost daily for the same lucrative rock concerts, ice skating shows, and family extravaganzas like this week’s circus performances.”

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I have to agree with the article but at the same time what do you expect.  NJ is not a state that has been good about working together whether it is between municipalities or counties NJ is not a sandbox where the kids play nice.  In an ideal NJ the powers that be in Bergen would relinquish the IZOD Center and allow the Nets to play at the Rock and not go after the concerts and events that both fight for – not gonna happen.  The  NJSEA was created by powerful politicians and has been maintained by their legacy.  These interests are not concerned about revitalizing the Urban areas of NJ, they are interested in re-election and lining their pockets.


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