Nets will play preseason games in Newark, Queens

USA Today reports that the Nets will be playing preseason games this fall in Newark and Queens.  See Full Article

And the Star Ledger isn’t far behind See Full Article

The Nets have an agreement to play at the IZOD center until 2013 and must give 18 months notice to cancel.  I have also heard that their current agreement prohibits them from moving to any of the surrounding NJ cities such as Newark or Jersey City, though they can move to New York City.  

Nothing positive is happening on the Atlantic Yards front.   So the likelihood of them playing in Brooklyn in 2011 is bleak.  The question is if they can break their lease and move to Newark considering the current agreement forbids it.

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I am still skeptical however this is looking more and more likely every day.  Where is Mayor Corey Booker as head Newark cheerleader?  Seeing the NJ Nets & NJ Devils sharing the stadium in the largest city in New Jersey will be outstanding for Newark.  He needs to be front and center guiding this home.

UPDATE:  Story in NYT  Ok…  So Mayor Booker is on it.  He says he is working on it everyday.  This si the first public mentioning of the Nets in Newark I have seen from Corey Booker in a while though.


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