Newark’s Baxter Terrace is set to get a new life

“It is one of the city’s oldest housing complexes and one of its most visible, and therefore seen as critical to redevelopment efforts. “It’s the gateway to the central business district,” said Toni Griffin, Newark’s Director of Community Development.”

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The Baxter Terrace redevelopment is a major component for the resurgence of Newark. It is the cornerstone for a number of projects planned for the Broad Street Station section of Downtown.  As Toni Griffith mentions in this article, it is a gateway to the downtown.  This redevelopment is also significant, because Baxter Terrace is the epicenter for gang activity in Newark.  Redeveloping this area into a mixed income, mixed use area has the potential for redefining what Baxter Terrace means to many Newarkers.


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