Shovels in the Ground; What’s Next?

Interesting article from the current issue of  Spotlight  , from the RPA see full article

“The bottom line is that a visionary transportation bill is likely to run through some pretty big, purple, rural states. Bringing together the senators from western nine, the oil state two, and Mr. Nelson of very-red, very-rural Nebraska – although they are all Democrats – will not happen for a bill that calls for the end of driving as we know it, VMT-based funding, SUV-and-truck bashing, or massive shifts of road money to transit-rich states. Which means that urban transportation advocates will need to spend a bit less time speaking to each other. We will instead need to reach out, learn a new language (rural set-asides, roads in National Parks, pick-up trucks, agricultural infrastructure, small places in big spaces where there is no other option but driving!), while politely explaining how one 12-mile-long island accounts for more transit trips in a day than the total population of the country’s smallest eight states combined. And, for added measure, we do it on a transit system that is older than some of these states.”

Norhtern New Jersey and especiallyNewark is looking to be a big benefactor of this spending.  Newark has approximately 120 projects teed up to start going after these funds.  It will be important for this money not to be diverted to 16 lane highways in rural Alabama in order for Newark & the greater North east mega region to benefit.


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