Has anyone thought of why the drug trade is so strong in Newark?

“It is the primary source of violent crime in the city, authorities agree, and it thrives for a few simple reasons: Heroin in Newark is cheaper, purer and more plentiful than it is elsewhere, and the city’s location at the nexus of every type of transportation mode makes access quick and easy.” See full Article

Not too much you can say about that article but Newark like so many other inner cities has a drug problem.  I think the big take-away from the article is not THAT Newark has a drug problem it is WHY.  Newark doesn’t have a plethora of Meth Labs or a statistically greater number of junkies than other cities with similar demographics.  Newark has more drug violence, better, cheaper and more plentiful dope and so many drug organizations that by cracking down on one the others benefit. 

The so called problem is the exact same thing that made Newark a great city in the past and will lead to the cities rising.  Newark has every type of transportation available and direct access to the wealthiest market in the world.  Who wouldn’t want to do business here?

It may be a bit cynical and callous but this is almost an advertisement for doing business in the city.


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