Want Green Jobs? Build tall buildings & dense communities

Most people when they think ‘green’ or environmentally friendly don’t think dense urbanity or inner city, but, they should…  This recent article from City Journal studies the difference in environmental impact of city dwelling vs suburban dwelling.  The conclusions are eye opening and make plenty of sense.


See the chart below:


Newark of all cities has the greatest opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of dense urban development due to its already strong infrastructure, proximity to Manhattan and high percentage of vacant, under developed and delapidated properties.  Corey Booker,  Stefan Pryor, and Toni Griffin should take this into account as they recencieve master plans for the city and promote development.

If Corey Booker is truly interested in GreenDevelopment, green jobs, and enviromentally conscious economic development as he seems to be here than he should take these findings to heart.


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