A builder who added luster to Newark feels like an outsider again

Arthur Stern, CEO Cogswell Realty, feels like he is getting the cold shoulder from the Booker administration and from the state of the city speech it is apparent that he is. Newark has several transformative development projects in the works, however, Mayor booker decided to only mention three. He failed to mention anything in the works with Edison Properties, Tucker development or Cogswell, arguably the most significant developer in the city.

What is going on Stefan & Corey? Perhaps you feel that these three projects are most significant, but Newark can’t afford to play favorites especially in this economy.

How better to promote a city than by the interest private developers have in it?  Government subsidies do not reflect a cities viability.  People who invest for the purpose of profit prove a cities viability and when they can report back that they are making money others come.  

Read the article in the Star ledger here.


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