It’s a PR Thing

If you haven’t heard yet Spike TV’s show DEA is coming to Newark.  The shows second season takes place in and around Newark NJ and if you can’t gather from the title of the show, it follows DEA agents with cameras as they do their job.

The fact that they are coming to Newark is one thing but the real rub is their ads promoting their show describe Newark as one of america’s most dangerous cities.  See the ad here 

Whether or not this is true it is a matter of perception.  There is not denying that areas of Newark are dangerous.  Areas of New York City are dangerous as is the case with all major US cities.  The challenge Newark has is rebranding the city so it is identified with the Pru Center, Ironbound, Port of Newark, NJPAC, etc and not violence.

Corey Booker is making great strides in this rebranding campaign attracting money from Oprah, national attention from Sundance/Forrest Whitaker, Barak Obama.  Keep it coming.

Newark has the infrastructure, transportation, industry and history to be great again.  It just needs to shake it’s image.


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